Oh what a shame, the way that we're dyin’ up
Killin’ ourselves with no help from the other one
Only thought, was how the hell to get your money on
Livin’ in fear cause you're livin’ in a war zone
So much funk, jump off from a wrong look
Make a wrong move one time and your life's took
Just the way it is when you're livin in the city
The way we dyin’ off is a motherfuckin pity
Extra, extra, read all about it
Another one dead, he seen a bullet and he caught it
How many gotta fall off victim to the game
of bein’ a ho, to the cocaine thang
Makin a rush up, to keep 'em comin back again
You oughta know by now it ain't no love for African
Keep us enslaved to the ways of Amerikkka I'm scarin’ ya
But I ain't goin out like that, so think about it now

People keep comin’ up, askin’ the news
They wanna know, why I do what I do
It's really kinda simple, so don't be amazed
It ain't no secret it's the way I was raised
Got much props from my pops cause he never stopped
Bein’ a father to his child, he cared a lot
Raised me up, and told me like this
You better stand up for yours or be dissed
Be a man, and do for yourself
Better love your own before anyone else
It ain't nothin’ in the big city but a small thang
To see a brother straight fall victim to the game
Somethin’ that I roll with straight from the start
In a city where a fool and his money soon part
Where brothers might die over anything at all
I can't call it but I know you better watch your step
and think about it now


And now there's one last thing, I think we need to talk about
It might save your life and you die if you do without
Pokin’ in the puddin mean you better wrap tight
Tragic that Magic must open your eyes
And now you better straighten up, and straighten up fast
Relyin’ on the guts and the luck of the last
Brother who was in with the skins shoulda never been
In with the skins no cap for the lap get waxed
Now, who goin’ up next?
Ready for the sex better check with the latex
So many traps been set for the folks
Who take they life for a joke so I say wait a minute
Genocide from the suicide of dippin’ inside
Everybody die when the legs spread ride
Gave to the sons of the slave and it's man-made
AIDS and you're off to your grave, think about it now

This is NOT a official video, it is made by a fan and posted on YouTube