"I understand that time is running out..."


Here I go, an angry brother finna make his move

Lookin' to buck him in the city so I never lose

See I'm get him in the crowd with a couple heavies

And lay the barrel to the ground, hold the gat steady

And now I'm ready for my adversary, talk is cheap

I'm lookin' for a way to make a play and keep it neat

And check it out and make a route and pick a rooftop

And get a spot where the view's hot, set up shop

"Cause all I wanna see is motherfuckin' brains hangin'

Another level when it's me and devils gangbangin'

So don't be tellin' me to get the non-violent spirit

Cause when I'm violent is the only time ya devils hear it

Rat-a-tat go the gat to his devil face

I hope he think of how he done us when he lay to waste

And get the feelin' of the peelin' from the other side

From guns given to my people for my own kind

So get with Ollie cause I'm probably finna make ya mad

I'm steady waitin' for the day I get to see his ass

And give him two from the barrel of a Black Guerrilla

And that's real from the motherfuckin' Bush Killa


"I understand that time is running out..."


Now who is able to make war with the beast?

It starts with P

Trumpet sound when I push the program

And set my sight on the serpent man

Swingin' the sword of the righteous

Make devils drop and they just can't spite this

Genocide and the minds of men make

Brothers like me fill up with hate

I smell a skunk in the air

Cause your program stilll ain't fair

So who you wanna blame for The Hate That Hate Made

When P let off and pigs get sprayed

Y'all wanna kill off the black man

But I know your master plan

So we'll see who stop the Black Guerrilla

P-Dog the Bush Killa


Yeah, it's P-Dog the Bush Killa


Yeah, tolerance is gettin' thinner

Cause Iraq never called me "nigger"

So what I wanna go off and fight a war for

You best believe I got your draft card

So bad to hate somebody else

But much worse to hate yourself

Victim to the mentacide of the devil why

Must black folk be made to die

Keepin' 'em on and on... keepin' ya on and on

Like my brothers down South said, "Fuck the Police"

I'm sayin', "No Justice, No Peace"

So I just stick 'em like that

Cause everybody want to get the black, huh

But we'll see who'll stop the Black Guerrilla

P-Dog the Bush Killa


Yeah, it's P-Dog the Bush Killa


Yeah, so where's he at? I might wait

For his motherfuckin' ass on a rooftop next tour

Buck his dome cause I'm known to play for keeps

Lay low to the flo' and keep it neat

And send his ass home belly up

Should've listened to the facts that the black's been tellin ya

It's no surprise that a brother got wise

Now rat-a-tat-tat, it's an eye for and eye

How many, got to die before we see

Them motherfuckas don't give a damn for you or me

So wear a vest on your chest and the rest stand still

For P-Dog the Bush Killa

This is NOT a official video, it is made by a fan and posted on YouTube