1-2-3 in the parking lot
Make it pop so they feel when I peel the Glock
Hear the shot, killer cops all drop and fold
Ring around the rose pocket fulla slugs and holes

Controlled beef like demo, lition, the mission
Most prof-ficient with those that don't listen
We murk this bitch ass pigs when we ride through
Me in the front seat, T through the sunroof

Now gas, break shoot
'Cause it's an eye for an eye for the lives took and the bru-
tality and the rapes and the bleedin'
For dope and the choke holds, water hosin' the people

But the blap make it equal
"Blap, Blap" be the sound for the 'whoop, whoop' when we see you
It's a gang war sequel
Between us and the punk police for what they do